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Their movements into Terrebonne and Lafourche are limited by their low saltwater tolerance. Locally, silver carp have a confirmed population in Lake Field. They are also rumored to be found in Lake Verret. The fish are easy to identify. They have small, downward-facing eyes, a stout body and protruding lower jaw. Silver carp commonly exceed 20 pounds. Record catches have approached pounds, Thomas said. But the silver carp is best known for an unusual and dangerous survival behavior. When startled by the sound of a boat motor, it attempts to flee danger by jumping skyward, frequently hitting boats and people.

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Trying to promote annoying invasive species as a tasty treat is a worthwhile tactic, but it might be difficult to pull off, Massimi said. Chapman, however, said that might make the fish a more exciting target for anglers. The larger carp yield meaty fillets. But their unusual bone structure does make them difficult to clean, a drawback that can make fishermen wary.

In the video, Chapman demonstrates his unique cleaning methods. The fish, regardless of how they are captured or cook, do need to be put on ice quickly, he said, because they spoil easily. Fried Asian Carp 1 Fry-cut silver carp strips cut in the manner described in Carp Lemonade — most pieces will contain large bones, while some pieces will be boneless. Roll strips in dry coating and deep-fry until golden brown.

Serve while still steaming hot. To minimize problems with the bones, eat in the following manner: break the strip in two pieces, a bit off-center. The bones will now protrude from the break.

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Grill over a hot fire. Use of a fish basket, or a piece of expanded aluminum mesh will help keep the fish pieces from breaking up and falling through the grill however, if you are careful, this is not entirely necessary because the carp meat is quite firm. Place in a covered dish when removing from the grill, to keep the fish hot until delivered to the table. Diners can construct their own tortillas with their desired toppings.