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These complex systems are made in a multi-step process, using position encoder systems to monitor the movement of a machine, or via an automated system like a robot arm, with the aim of ensuring the precise positioning of components within photovoltaic cells. Renishaw's Raman spectroscopy systems can then be used to analyse panels for any surface defects.


Safety, reliability and efficiency are key drivers in energy production and as a result, system components such as safety valves and turbine blades require precision machining to the tightest tolerances. Research is rapidly advancing the technologies used in renewable energy generation and storage.

Additive manufacturing also known as 3D printing supports the prototyping of new components with internal structures and designs that are not possible with traditional machining. Read the case study. Find out more. Machine tool probes are used for component set up, tool setting and in-cycle gauging as well as for first-off component inspection to enable accurate machining processes. Position encoders ensure high accuracy movement control including interferometric laser encoders for long distances for turbine blade manufacture, or for tight spaces, for the manufacture of photovoltaic cells.

Metal 3D printing using a range of metal powders to create strong but light, components, in forms impossible to achieve with traditional manufacturing. Some of these cookies are essential to make our site work properly and others are non-essential but help us to improve the site, including language and location settings and site analytics. You can read more about how we use cookies and how to configure or disable them on our site. By continuing to browse this site you agree to our use of cookies.

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Precision measurement and process control. Position and motion control.

Each module is devoted to a specific topic, and all modules are made available free of charge to interested higher education institutions via an online platform. Our main aim with this project is to create an offering that complements and can be integrated optimally into existing structures and degree programmes and moreover provides stimuli for the development of new courses of study.

With this in mind, the modules are characterised by a high degree of flexibility and adaptability. In terms of their themes they focus on current, globally observable trends such as the increasing interest in German in professional contexts and the growing demand for study-integrated German lessons. They thus contribute significantly to demand-oriented training for future school and university teachers of German.

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At the same time they integrate current scientific findings and reflect the state of research in the field of German as a foreign language, and as blended learning offerings moreover promote digitalisation in higher education in this field. Dhoch3 is aimed at university teachers and Master-level students worldwide, focusing mainly on locations where degree programmes to train teachers of German are currently being established or where there is significant interest in course content in the fields of methodology and didactics, specialised and professional communications, or study-integrated GFL lessons.

The modules are developed at German higher education institutions by experts in German as a foreign language. The project currently comprises eight authoring teams that are each working on one themed module. More information on the authors and the content of each module can be found in the following overview. The project is supervised by a scientific advisory council that is also comprised of experts in the field. Users can register on the Dhoch3 Moodle platform at beta version since early May. You will initially be given guest access, which will allow you to gain an overview of all modules and content and make use of the available materials.

If you would like to edit or expand the existing materials to better suit your context, we will be happy to set up a local virtual classroom for you within the Dhoch3 Moodle. Please contact us by if you would like to make use of this option. In addition to providing access to the platform, the DAAD also offers tailored workshops on technical, didactic and content-related aspects of Dhoch3 in cooperation with the module developers. If you would be interested in taking part, please contact directly.

In: K. Wicke Hrsg. Materialentwicklung, Lehrerbildung, Forschungsbegleitung. Berlin: ESV , S. A comprehensive article about the use of Dhoch3 at universities abroad has just been published in the latest. Global methods such as the grammar-translation method, the communicative or the intercultural approach and what are known as the principles of foreign language teaching such as student-centred learning, task-based learning or learner autonomy are sometimes interpreted as if they could serve as general guidelines for teaching and learning foreign languages.

In fact it was established in the mids that there is no such thing as a best method: successful foreign language teaching must bear in mind the differences between the involved individuals, that is, teachers and learners, as well as varying learning goals or institutional conditions. A look at current teaching practice however shows how influential and evident in everyday teaching this discussion of methods and principles is. This module presents methods and principles and illustrates why and how changes have taken place, that certain aspects suddenly become more prominent while others recede, and that certain aspects become standard parts of the curriculum once they are introduced while others are soon almost forgotten.

Users of this module will develop the ability to assess methods and principles with regard to their relevance to the respective language learning situation and to combine discussion of large-scale methods with discussion of the appropriate methodology at the micro level.

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Keywords: methods, principles, student-centred learning, task-based learning, learner autonomy, communicative approach, intercultural approach. Filippa Buda, M. Project collaborator. Natallia Baliuk Project collaborator. It will be in the form of a chat screen. We're looking for someone who will help us with our German content by translating the chat stories. Since we upload apps almost on a weekly basis, we work a lot with …. After you are hired, i will send you the mentioned file to translate.

NO Google translator. Please send me back. We are looking for a Danish translator on a freelance basis. Hello, I am looking for German-speaking, writing and reading person for website translation and localization. The person can be native or fluent speaking. The project details will be disclosed privately.

The translation tasks would start from the end of this month November or in December. It is a long term job, which will be made step-by-step. Not instantly. We are looking to translate instruction manuals for our products from English to various european languages. If you are able to do any of these languages then please get in touch. Text needs to be accurate and technical information should be clear and accurate also. This will be a an ongoing requirement as we produce products throughout the year.

Legal translation of a cooperation and data processing agreement which can be found in the attachment. We are a tattoo supply company, leader in Italy and Europe. We have around 15, products to translate titles and descriptions , and the source language is English. : Basilea

Translations involve some technical terms about tattoo supplies. We have a legal document written in English and German by a lawyer. We have made some changes to the English section. We need these changes reflected in the German half of the contract. This is a very time sensitive task and needs to be completed within 3 hours.

Hello, We are a Ecommerce company looking to enter the German market. We are in need of a freelance German translator to translate our websites, and to be available for our other translating needs. We are looking for long term, on call translators with q…. At the meeting we will go through operation of the apartment and check the condition so experience with this process in Germany is a plus. The meeting place is near to Treptower Park, Berlin and should l…. That's it. We need to have a document translated from English to German. The document is approximately words long.

The document to be translated is attached. Tasks are: - Setup properties in our system based on a table or website - containing infos like: xx m2, xx rooms, address, neighborhood, city etc. It's simple content writing work - perfect for students. You are allowed to uplo…. I need a simultaneous translator from German to English for 4 online interview between one English speaker and one German speaker.