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Drum crushing is a type of rope deterioration that can happen with multiple layers of wire rope on a drum. Whoever inspects the wire rope must evaluate the potential for wire rope crushing. Inspections should detect points where crushing is more likely to happen, and the level of deterioration and appropriate course of action ex. Hercules SLR offers everything you need for your hoist, crane or lifting project. Crosby shackles are a popular option for lifting applications. Pick and place applications are when a load is moved to its desired location, and the screw pin is tightened before each pick.

The other way to secure a shackle includes using a nut and cotter, which eliminates the need for you to tighten the pin before each lift or movement.

Rigging An Overview of Construction Rigging Practices - OnePetro

To do so, look for these conditions:. Ideally, this happens before use, during check for points of stress or tension during use and after use. Check your shackle before use.

If any of these conditions are present, remove your shackle from service and have it inspected, repaired or replaced. There are a few things to keep in mind when using shackles for securing and lifting applications. Hercules SLR aims to provide securing, rigging and lifting equipment and services for all your needs. The products displayed on our web site are used as part of a system employed to accomplish a task.

Therefore, we only recommend using these products to accomplish the desired task within the specified Working Load Limit WLL. Modular construction allows significant portions of work to be completed, off-site and usually inside in a modular workspace. Many think of a mobile home or re-locatable building when they think of prefabricated buildings, but modular construction has become more modern and sophisticated in recent years, which has led to more modular working spaces.

Modular construction can be used to build either residential or commercial buildings, although commercial is the most common. A modular working approach to construction tends to focus on manufacturing—Read on for an example. Instead of assembling the entire project on-site, individual parts are manufactured indoors.

What is the ASME B30 Safety Standard for Cranes, Hoists, and Rigging?

The crew would assemble individual wall panels indoors, and these will later be put up on-site. Other parts of the project could be assembled here, too—think washrooms, pre-built wall panels, ped-ways, stairs, and even the roof. These parts are assembled in the modular workspace, transported and put together on-site as the construction project progresses—these prefabricated parts are put together with lifting equipment like cranes or aerial lift trucks.

Since modular workplaces are a bit different than traditional construction sites, they can also reduce some of the risk or hazards found on typical construction sites. Safety can be enhanced by modular construction:. One notable modular construction project is the storey skyscraper built in China by entrepreneur Zhang Yue, in just 19 days—yes, you read that right, a whole skyscraper assembled in 19 days altogether.

Specifically, the first 20 storeys were assembled in seven days, but various regulations held the project up for a year before the last storeys were built in 12 working days.

Heavy Lift Field Supervisors

The final skyscraper has offices that fit 4, people, apartments and 19 atriums. Zhang has built a number of other buildings using the same method. Equipment needs regular maintenance like relevant inspections , repairs and proper employee training to operate properly, prevent damage or injuries and work efficiently—consider Hercules SLR your one-stop-shop.

Heavy Lift Field Supervisors

Hercules SLR inspects , repairs and certifies:. Workplace safety is important in any construction setting—We offer training for:. Hercules SLR was excited to have Kevin Richardson at the shop — a name and face you might recognize from hauling wreckage from accidents on the Being responsible to clean up accidents in a timely manner on the busiest highway requires the best lifting equipment and service — an wheeler tipped over on the could back up traffic for eight hours, so people like Kevin need to remove the accident, and do it quickly. Kevin came to Hercules SLR after placing an order with a local competitor.

We were especially thrilled to accomplish this during our busy holiday season — typically, turnaround times in Hamilton are actually shorter than two weeks. After waiting the two weeks promised for his order, Kevin came to the Hamilton branch to pick it up and take a short tour.

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Quarrying Safely Significant safety hazards are present in quarries, as you would imagine when working with heavy pieces of rock, explosives, large machinery and the number of moving parts many quarrying cites have as you can see in the quarrying process photo above. When to use a tagline?

Engineering construction craftworker

Hercules SLR will lift you there. Read on and learn load securement tips from Henry Brozyna, Corporate Trainer for CM to tie-down loads safely and securely. Lever Binders Lever Binder A lever binder is made up of a simple machine, a lever, with a tension hook on each end. Some of the advantages of choosing a lever-type binder include: Easy installation Fewer moving parts Quick means to secure and release Ratchet Binders Ratchet Binder A ratchet binder uses two types of simple machines and has two tension hooks on each end and handle.

Never use cheater bars on the handle in an attempt to increase the tie down tension. Cheater bars can put excessive force on the tie down. This force can be enough to damage or even break the tie down. This energy may be further increased by shifting loads. The stored energy resulting from this force could injure you or someone nearby. When releasing lever binders, stay clear of the handle to avoid any potential kickback.

Slow and steady is the best way to tension. Using travel-limiting clutches as a limit device? Test the hoist with the load in lifting and lowering directions, and watch the operation of the chain and sprockets. The chain should feed smoothly with the sprockets. Open or remove covers and other items to inspect components. A qualified, competent person will determine if conditions found during inspection make a hazard, or whether disassembly is required. The pre-use inspection should be performed during each shift before the hoist is used. A competent, qualified person will determine whether conditions found during inspection could create a hazard and, if a more detailed inspection is required.

Inspect the following: Operating mechanisms for proper operation, proper adjustment and unusual sounds.

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  7. Pre-Lift : Make sure both hooks upper and lower swivel, replace worn chain or wire rope and tag it so it can be removed from service. Post the SLL safe load limit in the hoist. Daily : Inspect hooks, rope, brakes and limit switches for wear and damage. Ensure swivels move freely and there are no cracks or breaks in the hook.

    Conduct periodic inspections according to manufacturer rules or legislation. The pins are undamaged, have no considerable wear and fit properly from the opposite side of the shackle. The load line and jaw opening are aligned. Engineering qualifications are a good way to acquire the vocational skills and knowledge required for careers in the engineering construction industry. Engineering qualifications offer practical learning programmes in vocational subjects developed with employers to national industry standards. Importantly, they are nationally recognised and accredited.

    Candidates prove their competence by demonstrating the skills, knowledge and behaviours required for a particular role. Engineering qualifications enable learners to acquire the specific vocational skills, knowledge and behaviours to perform a particular role as set out by the national occupational standards NOS.

    By working with industry, ECITB engineering qualifications are valued by employers because they offer development opportunities to staff across a wide range of engineering construction roles. In addition, because VQs allow for a variety of assessment methods they offer candidates flexibility in how they achieve their qualification. What are National Occupational Standards?

    The types of assessment will vary depending on the qualification undertaken. Competence qualifications require a candidate to be observed by an Approved Centre Assessor. When workers cannot position themselves without the help of their fall arrest connecting device, ensure that they also use a means of positioning, such as a plank on brackets, a positioning tether or strap, a suspension cable or a platform;. Despite the foregoing, such a guard-rail may be removed during work if it is a nuisance.

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    In such a case, workers must wear a safety harness secured to an anchorage system by a fall arrest connecting device, the whole in accordance with sections 2. The work area must then be delimited in particular by a continuous barrier or trestles of a minimum height of 0. In such a case, another recognized means of protection against falls, such as a safety harness secured to an anchorage system by a fall arrest connecting device, the whole in accordance with sections 2.

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    In places where the access path starts at a roof edge, a guard-rail must be installed on the side of the roof, in compliance with section 2. In the case where the evaluation method mentioned in subparagraph a of the first paragraph is used, a worker shall not be exposed to a sound level such that the sum of the fractions is higher than unity. Any exposure of the worker to a sound level lower than 85 dBA shall be excluded from the calculations mentioned in this section.

    Scaffolding Training Video

    For the purposes of this section, the computation shall not include any exposure of a worker to a sound level of less than dB linear peak value. Where this method of computation is used, a worker shall not be exposed to a sound level so that the sum of the fractions exceeds unity. When, in taking the measures presented in the first paragraph, the employer cannot comply with the standards prescribed in sections 2. The hearing protector must be disinfected before being used by another worker.

    The apparatuses referred to in the first subparagraph shall, prior to use by another worker, be disinfected in compliance with CSA Standard Z The employer may not provide self-contained or air-supplied protective breathing apparatus equipped with an automatic device which interrupts or restricts the air supply in the part of the apparatus covering the face.

    A vertical life line must. In such a case, the rope must be less than 0.