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I think he is sexy as hell. Not pretty for sure. D'Amato also founded and co-founded two further production companies "Cinema 80" and "M. For M. Donatella Donati, the daughter of Ermanno Donati , became D'Amato's assistant and constant collaborator, usually acting as production secretary and assistant director. The two companies were the main vehicles for D'Amato's film production of this period. From until , D'Amato produced 14 hardcore pornographic films through both companies Cinema 9 films, M.

The average Cinema 80 or M. It recounted the final days of the Roman Emperor Caligula and was followed by two purely hardcore pornographic films — Una vergine per l'impero romano and Messalina orgasmo imperiale — in which D'Amato reused sets and costumes from the first film, albeit on a significantly lower budget.

They have been called his "porno- peplum trilogy ". Messalina orgasmo imperiale shot in also happened to be the last film of this period. In , D'Amato had taken over a company from producer Ermanno Donati.

Jekyll & Hyde

D'Amato had renamed the company to "Filmirage" and used it to produce his own and, from onwards, also other directors' films for the international market. The films follow the success of Mad Max and Mad Max 2 In and early , D'Amato briefly reactivated his company M. D'Amato is reported to have collaborated on some of these himself as well, although it remains speculative in which function and on which ones.

The four films recall the style and themes of Tinto Brass 's La chiave The Key while their plots and characters are not interconnected in any way. There followed a phase in which D'Amato directed softcore films predominantly in the United States, often takes on popular American films. At the beginning of the s, D'Amato revisited his Ator series with a concluding entry entitled Quest for the Mighty Sword , [80] featuring the Son of Ator.

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In , inspired by the success of the Chinese erotic comedy Sex and Zen , D'Amato then went to the Philippines to shoot a number of Asian themed softcore films, for which he often used Chinese pseudonyms. Later in , D'Amato went back to predominantly producing and directing hardcore pornography. In between shooting adult films from to , D'Amato also made four attempts at returning to genre films. In , he directed the erotic drama Provocation set in the Italian countryside of the s starring Erika Savastani, [95] and in the erotic comedy Top Girl set in and around an American TV station [95] and the erotic thriller The Hyena starring Cinzia Roccaforte, which received a limited theatrical release in Italy.

Throughout his career, D'Amato used his birthname Aristide Massaccesi only once for a directorial credit, namely for Death Smiles on a Murderer For his first work as camera operator, it was the only name he was credited with, and as cinematographer, writer of stories and scriptwriter, he credited himself or was credited with it regularly until the early s.

The first pseudonyms used by Aristide Massaccesi were his actor's credits in the spaghetti westerns Straniero His best known pseudonym is the anglicized Joe D'Amato , which he first adopted as director of Giubbe Rosse The pseudonym Federiko Slonisko , sometimes also spelled Federico Slonisco or any mixture of these two spellings including the short form Fred and several other mis- or variant spellings , was regularly used for D'Amato's work as cinematographer starting in The pseudonyms Federico Slonisco Jr.

This pseudonm is also to be found as directorial credit for Death Smiles on a Murderer in the entry at Public Cinematographic Register, but was later changed to D'Amato's birthname for the release. David Hills was also used as directorial credit on an early announcement of Deep Blood , but was exchanged by the allonym Raf Donato for the official release.


For the last two films of D'Amato's "porno-peplum trilogy", Una vergine per l'impero and Messalina orgasmo imperiale both released , D'Amato used Dirk Frey as cinematographer and Robert Hall and O. Clarke as director, respectively. The pseudonym Peter Newton was used for D'Amato's credit as cinematographer on Paradiso blu [] and his directorial credit on Absurd The female pseudonym Joan Russell was used for D'Amato's directorial credit on Una tenera storia For his oriental films of , D'Amato used a number of new pseudo-oriental pseudonyms.

An allonym is distinguished from a pseudonym in that it is the given name or pseudonym of a different person from the one who should be credited. Romano Gastaldi , the pseudonym of Romano Scandariato, was used for the directorial credit on More Sexy Canterbury Tales , which D'Amato directed while Scandariato was his assistant director, [] and for Fra' Tazio da Velletri , which D'Amato left after a disagreement soon after the beginning of the shoot; Scandariato, his assistant, finished the film and was credited.

The film was reportedly directed by D'Amato and Santaniello was the film's producer.

Joe D'Amato

Anna Bergman ' s name was also used for the directorial credit on Paradiso blu Bergman was the main actress, but D'Amato directed the film. Her name was used for the directorial credit because, according to Luigi Cozzi, the producer did not want it to be seen as an erotic film for which D'Amato was already known at the time. Bernabei stated in an interview that he created it with Walerian Borowczyk 's name in mind. Of these 14 films, Bernabei directed 3, D'Amato According to an interview he gave in , it was to camouflage his return.

Raf Donato , a variant of Raffaele Donato's name, was used for the directorial credit on Deep Blood According to D'Amato, Donato had planned to direct the film, but only directed the first scene. D'Amato directed the rest of the film. According to the actresses who worked with him, D'Amato was sociable, humorous with a sense of irony, amiable, and supportive; to some he appeared like a father.

Enrico Colantoni in Bad Blood - Panoram Italia

Gemser also remembered that D'Amato rarely got angry, and that when it happened he usually took it with irony; when deeply angered, however, he would shout and curse and become insufferable. In , Joe D'Amato was a special guest at the London film festival "Eurofest" which took place at the Everyman Cinema, Hampstead , where he gave an onstage interview to Mary Ashworth inbetween screenings of Stage Fright , Emanuelle and the Last Cannibals , and Frankenstein — the latter a world premiere, followed by a signing session.

The "Hofbauer Kongress", which takes place at least once every year since at the Komm Kino in Nuremberg , Germany, has repeatedly screened D'Amato's films mostly from 35 mm prints , with the 15th and 16th edition of the festival being especially devoted to the filmmaker.

Art in Fusion TV - Rebeca Riofrio Interviewing Actress Antonella Salvucci Cannes Film Festival 2013

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