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Description : A set of colour photographs of objects, animals, and scenes. Various normative ratings are available.

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PLoS One , 7 5 , e Reference : Dan-Glauser, E. The Geneva affective picture database GAPED : a new picture database focusing on valence and normative significance. Description : A set of graspable objects and non-objects. Each non-object is matched to a real object in terms of texture, using a texture-synthesis algorithm, and shape. Reference : van der Linden, L. The role of object affordances and center of gravity in eye movements towards isolated daily-life objects.

Imagery in Psychology: A Reference Guide

Journal of Vision. Description : A set of high-quality colour photographs, chosen to span a wide range of categories and naming difficulties. License : Described as 'free from copyright', but you do need to apply via an online form. Reference : Adlington, R. The HatField image test: A new picture test and norms for experimental and clinical use. Journal of Clinical and Experimental Neuropsychology , 31 6 , Description : A collection of pictures that have been rated on valence, arousal and dominance.

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Unfortunately, you can't download these pictures directly, but you have to put in a request see the link below. They are freely available for non-profit research, though. Reference : Lang, P. Technical Report A University of Florida, Gainseville, FL. Description : Multiple images, with different views, emotions, and disguises, of over individuals of many different races. Reference : Righi, G. Recognizing disguised faces. Visual Cognition , 20 2 , Description : FaceSrub comprises a total of , face images of male and female celebrities, with about images per person.

The images were retrieved from the Internet and are taken under real-world situations uncontrolled conditions. Name and gender annotations of the faces are included. Reference : Ng, H. A data-driven approach to cleaning large face datasets. Description : A set of line shapes in isolation, and embedded in a context of other lines. Reference : de-Wit, L.

PeerJ , 5 , e Description : A collection of gray-scale photos, with similarity ratings for pairs of objects within a set for example, the similarity between pairs of different pens. The idea is very nice, but unfortunately the quality of the photos is fairly low.

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Also, the stimuli are paywalled together with the paper. Reference : Migo, E. A visual object stimulus database with standardized similarity information. Behavior Research Methods , 45 2 , — Description : The Multilingual Picture MultiPic databank is the result of an international collaborative project intended to provide the scientific community with a set of publicly available drawings from common concrete concepts created by the same author, standardized for name agreement and visual complexity in several languages.

MultiPic: A standardized set of drawings with norms for six European languages. Quarterly Journal of Experimental Psychology. Description : Natural images of nature scenes containing no man-made objects or people nature scene collection and university campus scenes containing cars, building, and people campus scene collection. Reference for the campus scene collection : Burge, J.

Optimal defocus estimation in individual natural images. Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences , 40 , — Reference for the natural scene collection : Geisler, W. Statistics for optimal point prediction in natural images. Description : A large set of photos with normative ratings of valence, arousal, and approach avoidance. The stimuli are not directly downloadable, but available upon request. Reference : Marchewka, A. Description : A collection of black-and-white line drawings, with various norms for Japanese.

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Reference : Nishimoto, T. The role of imagery-related properties in picture naming: A newly standardized set of pictures for Japanese.

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Description : A set of shapes, symbols, letters, false fonts, and digits with various normative ratings. Reference : Chanceaux, M. Effects of number, complexity, and familiarity of flankers on crowded letter identification. Journal of Vision , 14 6 , 7. Description : Database of images of novel, unusual objects for experimental research. The database includes 64 primary stimuli and a collection of 10 novel categories, each including three exemplars. Reference : Horst, J.

Description : A collection of pairs of objects with norms for semantic relatedness. Validated using both behavioural measures and EEG.

Reference : Kovalenko, L. A pool of pairs of related objects POPORO for investigating visual semantic integration: Behavioral and electrophysiological validation. Brain Topography. Description : A diverse collection of stimuli, including faces, objects and textures. Some ratings for the faces are also available. Reference : Rossion, B. Perception , 33 2 , Description : A large database of grayscale photos of one or two objects collected from various sources.

The primary goal of this database is to test image-segmentation algorithms. Description : A classic set of black and white line drawings. Apparently there are some licensing issues and, despite the fact that this is a widely known set of pictures, it seems hard to get a hold of them. Reference : Snodgrass, J. A standardized set of pictures: Norms for name agreement, image agreement, familiarity, and visual complexity.

Image etc. Fowler, M. Restraint and handing of wild and domestic animals 3 rd ed. Ames, IA: Wiley Blackwell. Figure 2. Kohler, J. Zoologica Scripta, 39 6 , Image taken from the internet. McMillan, T. Fantail vector. Authors' names : Authors names should always be Surname, Initial. Smith, L. For a journal only the journal title and the volume number should be in intalics.

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