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Casting Call: Select students will enact a scene from the play for their classmates. The Quill: Journal writing with prompts, with an invitation to share writing aloud. What were his characters' motivations?

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A look at the major themes of his plays. Casting Call: Select students will perform major Shakespearean scenes for their classmates.

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How to plan an week Shakespeare curriculum. Tips on introducing the Elizabethan period, the life of Shakespeare, and the plots, themes and genres of his plays. How to help students tackle iambic verse and theatre craft.

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How to engage students' imaginations through journal writing. The kids loved her and could not believe that Shakespeare could be so much fun.

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She knows her way around kids, and knows what it takes to get and keep! Francis de Sales School. Keith Wardrip and Mels de Zeeuw. Kalamazoo: MI: W. Upjohn Institute for Employment Research November Will Lambe and Mels de Zeeuw. November Summary article.

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