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Hoping to have far less concerns and much more peace with 2 due in a few months! Rival book perhaps? I think I was at that talk at the library — and I think I felt the exact same way as you. Thanks for sharing so honestly. Olive is such a cutie! And thank you! I hope some new mom somewhere reads this and feels better. The road can be rough enough on its own in the beginning, without all the advice, well- intentioned or otherwise. Reading your post and the comments just helped remind me that my baby is my baby and our experience and choices are ours alone. My analogy to parenting books is that they are actually written by politicians, not experts.

Their primary goal is to get re-elected sell books. And yes, wtf indeed! I have no idea how Non-Western cultures get anything fine, being as they must be filled with chronically disabled sleeping pill addicts. And I cried, because it goes against every instinct to let your baby cry. Thank you for this post. I keep trying to fix it, but she will not let me. Aww…take that baby to bed. Babies are the best teddy bears ever. My 8 month old daughter has slept in my arms every night of her life.

They are the boss, and Tiffany that is exactly what I did with my first now 4 year old, honestly a lot of nights I passed out with the boob out, I started putting a towel down got tired of constantly changing the sheets, she self served if she woke up it was out and ready…okay that sounds bad but I got good sleep and she self weened at 10 months when she started walking funny enough, but she was on formula during the day as her Aunt was Nanny while I went to work so she was not a stranger to the bottle.

Just another mom who has to justify why she needs to be with her baby at all times. The nurse was right. Maybe you should have listened and tried it. Infants who learn to rely on their moms at all times turn out to be obnoxious kids. True fact. Moms who nurse their babies to sleep, co-sleep, or rock them throughout the night should not complain about being tired.

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Your kids will be the ones teachers hate in school. But good luck.

I have thought all of these things at some time or another- questioning myself and the way I choose to parent, so I totally understand why you would, too. I disagree though. I did try what the nurse suggested, which led to my day of crying baby and crying mom. I absolutely agree that parents who choose to sleep train love their children- of course they do! Someone making different parenting choices than I do proves nothing other than the fact that different approaches work for different families, each parent has to make a decision that best fits their particular family.

I think the idea that moms who respond to their babies more create more dependent children has been pretty thoroughly debunked let me know if you want stats or studies- I love sharing research! Thanks for sharing an alternate viewpoint, Shelley. Why do people have to make such judgement on how kids will turn out in 10 yrs time!!!!!! Funny…my daughter slept with my husband and me for over 2 years. She is now in first grade. Our son also co-slept, though not for as long as his sister. I must not be very good at lazy…. This honestly pushes so many buttons at once I wonder if it was deliberately written to stir up trouble….

Good point, Betsy! Thank you!

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Is that what happened to you? Even you know that makes zero sense lol. The ignorance of this comment astounds me. I am a horrible excuse for a human being because I am doing what I believe to be best for my child. Shelley, YOU dear are the only obnoxious child I see here. Please vaccinate your baby.

It is much safer than leaving them at risk of fatal diseases. It has been proven that there is no link with autism. CIO is bad for babies, you are the exact opposite of lazy for co-sleeping and rocking to sleep. You are doing an amazing job as a mum. FWIW I was not vaccinated as a child but was left to CIO and developed an interest in science so have formed my own opinion based on actual statistics as well as anecdotes from those who regret not vaccinating.

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  5. Had i known the true ingredients in the vaccinations, I would not have vaccinated either. Well done to you. My baby is almost one and has slept with me since she was 3 months old. When she meets new people, she checks them out from my arms for a few minutes and then whole-heartedly throws herself into playing with them, only checking in with me once in awhile. Many, many studies are showing that leaving an infant to cry and not comforting them causes numerous issues, due to chemicals released in the brain from distress.

    How to Sleep Train, if it’s your thing:

    I think leaving your kid to cry so you can sleep more is lazy parenting, personally. And as far as teachers hating them in school? Go figure. Sleeping with your baby, following your instincts, comforting them through the night and nursing them whenever they need it have been around since the dawn of time. I met my. Babies needs in a natural way. Co-sleeping, nursing on demand and nursing until they were ready to stop. Shelley it is fine to sleep train without criticising other ways.

    I am I guess what you would call lazy I went my own way and did what my heart told me to do. What works for you is fine but there is no fail prof method to life or parenting.

    what families are saying…

    You will fall and get back up, each child and parent is different, you cannot presume to know what my children can or will be when she grows up. My daughter now 4 years was never clinging to my skirt approaches everyone as a friend still working on stranger danger but at least she only seems to do it if I am around loves to say hi to everyone is loved by her teachers, she is very interdependent has wonderful imagination and is often found when at home playing by herself with her dolls, and when with other kids is very much a leader that is kind and loves for everyone to join in her activity.

    What a gross over-reaction and generalisation. Not only was my daughter nursed to sleep and co-slept with me, she is now the brightest well liked kid in her class and incrediably well liked with in the greater school, she is empathetic a trait you should learn , sympathetic, happy and independant at 5yrs. I believe parents like you are the annoying cliquey parent, self absolved and without emotion.

    Good luck to your kids. Everyone should parent the child as they see fit. Every child is different and has different needs. Great article would have loved to read it when my girl was new. Thank you. I really am.

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    Neither is co-sleeping with an almost 4-year old. I have so many friends who sleep-trained their kids. It worked for a short time, or forever… kind of depends on the kid. Moms — another great resource is Dr. Sears who has had something like 8 children who turned out amazing and him and his family advocate co-sleeping and night nursing!!

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    Shelly, why do you need to be so rude? That was totally unnecessary. All you had to do was simply disagree but keep your nasty comments to yourself. Just sayin…. Mostly when my youngest woke through the night i would take him into my bed and breastfeed him back to sleep as it was peaceful we both went back to bed right away, then as he got older he would wake and i would just bring him into bed with me instead of fighting him and the crying in trying to get him to go back to sleep in his crib. Even if he fell asleep with me rocking him or holding him AS SOON as i would try to lay him in his crib he would wake and the crying would start again, so he is now 2 and a half and still wakes once a night and gets into bed with me.

    I am still a little tired as i sleep with a wiggling toddler every night anywhere from 11pm to 5am he makes his crawl into my bed. My husband now sleeps in the spare room as our toddler likes to turn sideways and sometimes our 5 year old crawls in around 5am too.. He gets a full night of sleep that way. Here is my issue. He believes it is wrong for the kids to be in our bed and he ALWAYS tells me how i should have let them cry it out and trained them to sleep in their own beds.