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Zoe Ramsden

Once you have defeated all enemies in an area you can smash through these barriers once again with your bare hands and continue on your way. Grubs can be found in tree bark, so keep an eye open for interaction prompts. The first medicine is found pretty early on and follows a brief linear journey to a fallen soldier who is carrying a syringe.

Pick her up and take her to the boat. Carry Zoe through the swamp and into the cabin. Now Joe must head out into the base to find more medicine. Again, what follows is a lot of punching enemies or sneaking up behind them and insta-killing them. Joe is pretty robust, but make sure you replenish health with grubs and first-aid liquid when you can. Look out for shotgun ammo and wooden spears you can throw into enemies.

These are very dangerous but can be downed fair easily with a well-thrown wooden spear.

There are loads of enemies on here, but they are fairly easy to stealth kill. Head down to the lower levels of the boat and smash through any yellow barriers you come across. Climb up onto the metal platform and use the machine. As with most of what Joe does, to defeat this ugly looking beast you just need to repeatedly smash it with your fists.

Keep moving around the monster and perform the finishing moves when prompted. On the second finishing move you should rip the monster's head off. With the beast killed, head back to the cabin in which you left Zoe.

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Hop into the boat and chase after her. Once docked, head up the path collect grubs from trees as you go. Use spears to take out gators and collect new spears as you go. Head to the larger cabin structure you can climb up using one of the yellow ladders.

Look around for all the yellow doors and crates, picking up spears and bombs as the will come in handy later. Make your way to the closed wooden door that leads into the woods and smash through it. A save point can be found in the small shed to the left.

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You just need a spark to bring musicians and audiences together. This type of energy comes from the entire community—an amateur musician picking up the cello after her children are grown; an octogenarian arranging a string program for public school students; a professional violist starting a community orchestra; a college teacher giving music lessons to poor kids; a high school teacher playing a gig with his more famous student. Everyone loves new music, but they may not quite know it yet.

The small contribution we make is to give more people the chance to realize what they have been missing. To build a larger, more diverse audience for new music both in and outside of Columbus , concerts need to be presented in a way where everyone is welcome. By using non-traditional venues, presenting affordable often free concerts, and curating an aesthetically diverse series, we hope to promote cross-pollination between different audiences while shedding some of the ivory-tower-ness that can be associated with this sort of music.

In a way, the new collaborators are finding us. We try to be open to anyone and everyone, with the only requirements being quality, creativity, and a focus on contemporary music. Our advisors help us make the right decisions. We discuss, tussle, argue, mediate, and generally come up with the best advice and the right choices.

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We also develop long-lasting connections to composers and performers as they disperse around the country. These connections help us to become aware of interesting currents in new music and help people from around the country find us.

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Furthermore, the Columbus Foundation has been a godsend. They constantly coach us on how to improve, how to be open without being easy, how to say no, and how to say maybe. They take the administrative burden of philanthropy off our shoulders, so that we can focus on promoting new music. First of all, we love Cleveland, its brilliant orchestra and musical institutions, and its new music scene.

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Columbus is a city that struggles to support its major arts institutions, but it thrives on the initiatives of individuals and small groups. Thanks to this grass-roots approach, we hope that in five years, the new music scene in Columbus will have even more of the energy and creativity that mark it today.

Boundless energy is a wonderful thing.

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